Mugs' Review - Future Mountain, Static & Distance

Mugs' Review - Future Mountain, Static & Distance

Barrel Fermented Spelt Saison with Dandelion Tea 

Pours a clear golden body, big fluffy mousse holds and paints lace as it goes.

Fragrant nose to it; distinctly grainy/cereally, slightly toasty, touch of hay, pepper & vanilla, bit of cheesy funk and a spicy dried herbal note. Lively carbonation, medium weight, touch of malt chewiness fills it the mid palate becoming dry as it goes.

Wholegrain/mixed grain bread & toast malt character continues on the body, slightly doughy, peppery yeast notes, hay, dried herbs; there's not a huge amount of barrel character to be fair, a touch of buttery character but otherwise malt & yeast taking centre stage.

Bitterness is moderate, dry finish with lingering spice. Very pleasant beer; a few little twists that make it slightly different from your average Saison but don't over power the rest of the beer.

500ml Bottle, 5%


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