Mugs' Review - Sobremesa - Monkey Mind

Mugs' Review - Sobremesa - Monkey Mind

Hoppy Farmhouse Ale with Brett, 5.6%abv

Pours a great big dense fluffy mousse atop a Hazy peach coloured body, paints the glass with lace as it goes.

Very pungent aroma; lots of horsey Brett, hay, dust, hard cheese, grapefruit, sort of floral vanilla and citrus blossom, white pepper, sherbet, grains...

Carbonation very fine but effervescent lightens the body, particularly dry, well attenuated yet not chalky somewhat rounded considering. Funky body; once again that horse blanket stank, sweaty, cheesy, barnyardy, almost hay lofty... lemon sherbet, citrus blossom/ Pale honey, dusty white pepper, almost freshly milled flour sort of thing going on. Mild bitterness, dry finish, slightly grippy.

Very unique beer; crazy funky, some really interesting elements about it, also very drinkable considering.


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