Mugs' Review - Hard Road Brewing - Flirtini Sour

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Mugs' Review - Hard Road Brewing - Flirtini Sour

375ml can 5.5% ABV

Pours a rose gold body, slight haze, with a firm cap of white cream atop. Aroma is somewhat subtle; red berries, vinous floral notes, touch of cereal malt and hay in the mix with a touch of yoghurt lactic funk mingling in the background.

Moderate carbonation, body is rather smooth upfront, medium-light weight, nice touch of acidity lengthens the palate. Much like the aroma, the flavours aren't overly intense but easy going; tart red berries, there is that hibiscus note there but you could be otherwise convinced it was just raspberry or cranberries, or red currant? Finished crisp, tart, dry, little bit of cheesy funk lingers but otherwise clean and refreshing.

Approachable berry sour; flavours are light but the tartness keeps it interesting and refreshing.

Hard Road Brewing is a relatively new brewpub in Bayswater VIC and well worth a visit! There are plenty of great beers on tap and you'll be greeted with great service from co-founders & brewers Brad & Lein themselves. If you time it right, you can swing by when they have a food truck in and treat yourself to lunch or dinner too!


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