3 Ravens, Nat Rav - 2020 Yarra Valley Syrah

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A blend of pale, amber and red barrel-aged mixed ferment beers aged on red grape skins.

Our second 2020 vintage release made Yarra Valley Syrah skins kindly donated by our new neighbours Jamsheed.

Due to the 2019/2020 bush fires, a lot of winemakers shied away from fermentation on skins, which worked out pretty well for us. Freshly pressed Syrah skins were collected on the last weekend of March and refermented in a blend of 21 month old barrel soured light golden ale (brewed with oats, rye, aged tettnang hops and a fruity English yeast) and a 9 month old barrel-fermented sour red ale. During refermentation a portion of fresh Australian Pilsner was added – as the Enigma hop character and yeast esters were deemed extremely complimentary. After 2.5 weeks on skins the beer was racked back to barrel for fermentation to complete. 5.5 weeks later this beer was blended with a toasty rye Farmhouse ale (brewed with Saaz hops and aged American hops) with pronounced stone fruit, jammy berry and complex wild yeast aromatics and bottled on the 28th of May at an average age of 13 months.

750ml Bottle, 5.6% ABV