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Wet Hopped Pilsner

Toiling away all season. Delicately assisting the hops on the bine to reach their full potential by keeping them healthy, and happy, and growing. And then one morning, it is harvest time. As our dedicated farmers walk out onto the field, as the sun comes up, A Million Bright Ambassadors of Morning are there to greet them - sparkling green as they catch the light just right. This Pilsner is dedicated to the lovely Australian wet hops we are so lucky to be able to get as they are grown just up the road always. With Mandarina Bavaria and Saaz hot side, we then create additional layers of flavour and complexity with a chilled dry hop of fresh Eclipse. Driven down directly from the fields to the brewery, it doesn’t get much fresher than this. Thank you to those who work tirelessly to make our beer taste great.



Style: Wet Hopped Pilsner

Hops: Mandarina Bavaria, Saaz, Eclipse (Wet Hop)

440ml Can, 5.5% ABV