Future Mountain - Ramble On Rose

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Since day one our brewers have wanted to release a beer that blurred the lines between beer and wine, and challenged what to expect in your glass.

Cue, Ramble On Rose, our Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels w Raspberries and Shiraz Lees supplied by the lovely folk at Tiny Block Winery.

To create this beer our brewers blended a portion of their Barrel Aged Golden Sour Beer, and added a small amount of raspberries from Rayners Orchards in the Yarra Valley, along with Shiraz lees from Tiny Block to create this beer-wine hybrid, made for beer and wine-lovers alike.

The result is a beer that looks remarkably like Saignée Rosé, with a wonderful combination of subtle raspberries and plush Shiraz grapes, adding depth to the Sour base beer.

Move over Rosé, there's a new kid on the block - and it's gonna make some waves.

5.8% ABV, 750ml Bottle