Future Mountain, Static & Distance - Barrel Fermented Spelt Saison w Dandelion Tea

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The first Static & Distance release is our Barrel Fermented Spelt Saison w Dandelion Tea, undergoing primary ferment in barrel for eight weeks. Using a high proportion of spelt in this beer has evolved our Saison from spring florals, spice, and citrus, to lemongrass, ginger, dandelion, hay, and chamomile. The oak is subtle, integrated, and allows a much more textural and creamy mouthfeel - without ever overstaying it's welcome. My favourite part of the beer is this almost freshly baked sourdough and cultured butter note, finishing on lemon meringue. The release of this beer begins the start of a series where our brewers can truly experiment with all a Saison can offer - and more.

500ml Bottle, 5% ABV