King River - Mabon Doppelbock

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Mabon Dopplebock is a lager, with a distinctively strong malty flavour, reminiscent of dark bread. This is a wonderful rich beer, with deep colour. Originally consumed by monks during lent it was considered the source of substance and has the title of “liquid bread”. We play on this by really promoting the bready quality of the malt, which is a layering of lightly kilned malts, in large quantities to produce the deep colour in this beer. Keeping a faith component with this beer, we’ve named it after the Mabon pagan harvest festival of times long gone.

Bready, sweet, slight toffee.

Wonderful bready notes, mild sweetness and a typical noble spiciness attributed to the finishing hop we use in traditional German lagers and our Kolsch.

440ml Can, 7.8% ABV