La Sirène - FUNQ IPA

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Farmhouse IPA

FUNQ IPA is our first foray into IPA territory and one we are proud of to release. This Farmhouse IPA very much contributes to the existing IPA landscape in a wonderful way and has all the hallmarks of what you would expect from a modern-day IPA. A generous malt bill using 100% Victorian malts makes up the base which is then liberally hopped with the freshest hops we could get our hands on to really highlight that this Farmhouse Ale is all about the New World hops. Of course the engine room of this IPA is still our house yeast that is recognisable as it is complementary to the malt & hop profile.

Expect over ripe mango and peach aromatics to dominate on opening a can which then gives way to the toasty malt characters and rich body that finishes dry yet delicious.

330ml Can, 5.8% ABV