Van Dieman - Deep Roots

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Oaked XPA

Whats an XPA? How do oak chips impact a beer? How do hops and wood merge in flavour? All valid questions that set in motion the development of this beer. Initially destined to be purely a hop-driven offering, circumstances dictated otherwise with incredibly rewarding results.

When I first encountered HBC 472, I was blown away with its unique wood character, and knew immediately that I was going to use it a some point in the future. The hop was bred and developed through the Hop Breeding Company (HBC) in the Yakima Valley, Washington and is the result of the open pollination of a wild American hop known as the subspecies neomexicanus. The aroma of the HBC 472 hop cones consists of floral, woody, earthy, and coconut. In beer this hop delivers a surprising fruity note along with its distinctive “472 coconut-woody character”, but a fascinating whiskey/ bourbon and coconut character breaks into the background.

Fast forward a couple of years, and during a freak storm we had a huge arm from one the century old oaks surrounding the brewery come down. Never one to waste what is available, my gears starting turning as to how we could utilise the fallen oak timber into a beer, and immediately cast my mind back to that first encounter with HBC 472. Channelling my inner lumberjack, I chipped a portion of the fallen oak, and then on a micro scale (but enough for the beer evidently) threw equal parts to the oven to part-roast, and to our malt kiln to dry, savouring the aromatic qualities that the freshly fallen oak exhibited.

With oak chips added during active ferment, & dry hopped with Mosaic and HBC 472 to really encapsulate that dynamic mix of hop and vanilla oak flavours, Deep Roots has been a labour of love to develop, & includes our own oak chips from the English oaks on the property, dried in-house & added at dry hopping.

5.7% ABV, 330ml Can