Willie The Boatman - Day for It

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Unusual Edition - Tropical IPA

This tropical Ipa is designed for those special days when nothing beats an ice cold beer in the sun to quench that thirst.

We have brewed this tropical Ipa with a low bitterness and selected some of our favourite tropical style hops to give it a big tropical fruit salad punch in flavour and aroma. We have then added huge lashings of guava and lychee puree at the end of fermentation to give this beer a big fruit cocktail feel and let it whisk you away to a beach on a tropical island somewhere. One things for sure, wherever you may be drinking it, it will almost surely be a “day for it”

Malt Pale, Pilsner, Oats, Wheat, Honey Hops Sabro, Galaxy, Citra Fruit Lychees, Passionfruit, Guava.

375ml Can, 6.3% ABV