Willie The Boatman - Double Dosed

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Unusual Edition - Flanders Red Cherry Sour


A special celebration beer, to celebrate our new freedoms.
Our Flanders red cherry sour has a complex malt base that
gives a beautiful deep red colour, a touch of biscuit, corn
and sweet bready flavour.

Then we have `doubled dosed` it with huge additions of dark, sweet and sour cherries that compliments the malt profile with a tart, sweet cherry flavour & a hint of bitterness.

Big sour, moreish candied cherry aromas waft out with
every sip leaving you wanting more as the beer warms up.
A very tart and full flavoured, yet balanced Flanders sour
that helps everybody get their double dose.

Malt - Pilsner, Wheat, Corn, Vienna, Shepherds delight, Caramunich II

Fruit - Dark, Sweet and Sour cherries
375ml Can, 6.4% ABV